A tight and twisty track where horsepower plays 2nd fiddle to handling. With no significant straights the driver is kept busy. Winton has dual configurations, a short track and a long track. Winton is located near the township of Benalla, around 2 hours north of Melbourne.

Action Spots

Turn 1 & 2: The Esses
A tight left/right combination straight after the start often means first lap shenanigans. The Esses also feature some elevation change. A tremendously satisfying set of corners to get right.

Turn 3
An innocuous looking right hander that often sees contact between cars, or cars running wide over estimating the amount of grip available.

Turn 5: The Sweeper & Roll Over Corner
The quickest corner on the track, a high speed left hander after which drivers have to settle the car before the tight turn 6, a hard right hander. Push too hard through the sweeper and you can discover why Roll Over Corner is named so..

Prime Viewing Positions
The tight and compact layout means that spectator viewing is fantastic, it is possible to see the entire circuit from a single vantage point.