A medium length horsepower track combining long straights and tight corners. Host to many large motor racing events, most notably the Sandown 500 in its various guises. Sandown is close to the city and easy to get to.

Action Spots

Turn 1:
An innocent enough seeming left hander that is the scene for many first lap incidents. Starts will often feature someone trying a desperate move down the inside of the corner and ploughing into other cars, or cars being forced off the track on the outside of the exit of the corner.

Turn 8:
A left hand turn with heavy braking. Cars accelerate out of turn 4 reaching near top speed before braking and turning into a 90 degree left hand turn. Speed through this area and the subsequent turns onto the straight is important for a good run down he straight. Worth staying right down the straight initially to miss some bumps in the road.

Prime Viewing Positions
Spectator access to some sections of the track is limited, there is little access between turns 1 and 5. However, due to the layout, most of the track can be seen from any one position.

Sandown features a permanent 8,000 seat grandstand on the front straight. The majority of the racetrack can be seen from here, and it is dry for when it rains!

Back Straight – Turn 6
Watch the cars as they brake from 250+kmh at the end of the straight and turn left into turn 6, the gradual kink that is turn 7 and then had left for turn 8.

Sandown is always immaculately presented, being close to the city it is an ideal place to take sponsors to. The horse racing track inside the circuit is quite picturesque, albeit noisy when there is cars on the track.