Phillip Island


A fast flowing racetrack combining long fast sweepers and tight hairpins. Phillip Island is one of the most scenic circuits in the world, the ocean backdrop is little more than a stone’s throw from the edge of the racetrack. Phillip Island must feature one of the best main straight views in the world, looking out into the ocean, it looks like you are driving into it.

Action Spots

Phillip Island features several good overtaking corners where heavy braking occurs, most notably MG & Honda corners, (Turns 4 & 10).

MG – Turn 10:

A nasty tight downhill/uphill turn. After accelerating all the way from turn 7, drivers brake and turn left over the cleft of a hill at turn 9,before jumping on the brakes to slow for turn 10. The apex of MG is at the bottom of the hill, so drivers have to brake downhill and accelerate uphill towards turn 11.

If a driver enters the corner too quickly, drivers in rear wheel drive cars will loose the rear of the car to the drivers left. Front wheel drive cars will tend to understeer towards the right hand side of the track. Passing usually occurs during braking on the inside line or by gaining position on the outside of the track to obtain the inside line for turn 11.

Honda – Turn 4:

Another tight corner with heavy braking. Cars reach near maximum speed on the approach to turn 4 before braking very hard and turning right into the u-turn that is Honda corner.

An escape road leading to the pits allows cars to overshoot the corner without obtaining major damage. This acts and encouragement for passing maneuvers, which are common. Drivers will sometimes try for the outside line at Honda to obtain the inside line for Siberia, Turn 6.

Southern Loop – Turn 2:

A medium length flowing corner. After traversing the front straight and Turn 1 at almost full throttle (depending on the vehicle), drivers brake hard to turn left and sweep around to communications points. The Southern Loop almost always features cars running wide on the first lap and tends to gather some gravel on the outside line as a result. Good drive out of the Loop is important for the blast to Honda Corner. Overtaking tends to occur under braking before turn in or on exit for cars with an acceleration or grip advantage.

Prime Viewing Positions

– Outside of track Turn 1

Position yourself right and you can watch the cars come down the front straight, through turns 1 to 4 and parts of turn 6. A bridge over the main straight ensures access to the inside of the circuit.

-Pit Building
Not as good as it once was due to the construction of the media center, but still offers a good view of the main straight and selected parts of the back of the circuit, including turn 10. Close to canteen and other facilities.

-End of Paddock near Honda
Offers a good view of Honda corner as well as earlier parts of the track.

-Outside back end of circuit
On the outside of the circuit between Turn 6-10. Some good viewing can be had, especially on the outside of Turn 6 or Turn 10. Turn 6 is known as Siberia, as it can be a little cold with the wind blowing in from the ocean.